The Challenge

Create a new web design for the marketing agency, making its look&feel breathe the aesthetics of a travel agency, with its booking manager and the way of representing the product. Without forgetting that Inturea is a marketing agency.

Requirement for the Customer

- No user-centric approach.
- The marketing content and the target audience are unclear.
- Contact form not available.

and Design

The team found the perfect solution to improve the design and usability so that users feel comfortable with the familiar interactions.
Logo - Inturea projectMobile page - Inturea projectBranding project - Experience - Inturea project
Brand position  - Inturea projectSocial Media for Tourism - Inturea project

Visual Design

Inturea pages - visual - Inturea project
Exploration - Inturea projectInturea brands  - Inturea project
Investigation - Inturea projectImplement a unique experience - Inturea project

Final Thoughts

The result was as expected by both the client and us, a marketing website with the aesthetics of a hotel and its booking engine.
I ended up quite happy with this project, being the first one I did completely on my own.