The Challenge

Design a web onepage that transmits the essence of a marketing agency without using external or predesigned images to help the copy. I found the perfect solution to find a current design that would fit with the content, in addition to achieving a dynamic flow that would provoke something in the users' minds and make them feel comfortable with the interactions.

Requirement for the Customer

  • It has to be an Onepage.
  • Do not use images, ONLY logo shapes.
  • Dynamic page.
  • Fast loading speed.
videogame image - KyberPLay project

and Design

Redesign a minimalist one page, using the corporate colors and shapes, and making it dynamic.
 Logo KyberPlay - KyberPLay project
As a first task I had to create brand elements and define the primary and secondary corporate colors.
Look&feel Kyberplay - KyberPLay project
The decorative elements, composed of shapes typical of the logo symbol, are harmoniously distributed throughout the website.
Mobile version website - KyberPLay project
Naming - KyberPLay project
A minimalist design with contrasts.
Look&Feel Website - KyberPLay project

Visual Design

Pages - KyberPLay project

Final Thoughts

The final development of the website had a good impact and managed to position the brand in the way the client wanted.
If I had the opportunity to redesign the website again, I would suggest adding graphic elements and images, as well as other pages, that would help to give more content to the user and give weight to the website.