My role: User interface design | Prototyping
2019 Feb - May

Domotic application for tourist flats

Becheckin is a company based in Madrid and Seville that makes it easier for users renting apartments to check in. Our team developed the user experience and interface from scratch, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all users.

The BeCheckin project consisted of two teams, two agencies, working at different times. The first team was in charge of the user experience and the second team was in charge of redesigning the interface of the application, that's where I worked.

The main challenge was that there were parts of the interface design that were unclear. We used the other team's sketches to create a library of coherent components for future versions and changes to the application. We designed an interface that was attractive and easy for users to understand. The main requirement from the client was that it should be a beautiful application. We had just two months to design, develop and test the application before launch. The client wanted to stick with the original research.
3 screens of the Becheckin app
product process
The project had to be completed as quickly as possible, given that the deadline was only two months. Despite the time constraints, the team worked hard to deliver exceptional quality.
product stages
product stages
project goals

1. Create a consistent interface for landlords and tenants

The main objective is to create a clear, clean and consistent interface, with a fast loading and smooth user experience.

2. Eye-catching and identifying elements

Work on areas of concern to the tenant, e.g. doors and air conditioning. Use visual elements that stand out and do not require explanatory text.

3. Conversion-centered design

We improve the conversion rate of the application with logical structures, prominent elements of importance, convenient menus and interesting pages.
full logonaming
color palette
We have integrated the primary colour of the logo into the colour palette, and included two variations of the primary tone to provide some dynamism and playfulness to the components of the app.
color palette
color palette
domotic app
App map for the all screens
App map for the all screens
Effective team communication is crucial for establishing guidelines, presenting ideas and understanding concepts or structures. Regardless of whether the team is comprised of a single group or external groups, this communication is essential. This project has demonstrated the importance of effective communication.

In light of the entire project, I would have benefited from more time to discuss the work with both the UX team and the client. This would have allowed me to assess the quality of our output and identify potential areas for improvement.

I would have liked to have spent more time working on the map of the app and the wireframe, or at least to have been present at the aforementioned meetings with both teams to gain a better understanding of their requirements, the concept behind it and the rationale behind the chosen structure. To create an interface that goes beyond aesthetics, it is essential to have a clear understanding of it and not rely solely on visual cues.