The ultimate solution for the tourism, business and leisure sector. Becheckin is the company that digitalises your home. Forget about a thousand keys and say hello to the Web App! Both the landlord and the tenant can check that the doors are locked and the lights are off when away from home.
Turn on/off the light with the phone- Becheckin project
Open/ close the door with the phone- Becheckin project

Requirements for the customer

  • No user-centric approach.
  • Confusing navigation in the app.
  • Create an interface for the tenant in the application and for the owner in the application dashboard and the web application.
  • Lack of key functionalities for a domotic control system (automatic registration, description of the rented house or room, map and areas to visit, among others).
Control the booking with becheckin app

Project Goals

1. Create a consistent interface for landlord and tenant.

The main objective is to create a clear, clean and consistent interface, with a fast loading and smooth user experience.

2. Eye-catching and identifying elements

Work on areas of concern to the tenant, e.g. doors and air conditioning. Use visual elements that stand out and do not require explanatory text.

3. Conversion-centered design

We improve the conversion rate of the application with logical structures, prominent elements of importance, convenient menus and interesting pages.

and Design

The team found the perfect solution to improve the design and usability so that users feel comfortable with the familiar interactions.
Logo - Becheckin projectOnboarding - Becheckin projectNew host onboarding - Becheckin project
Control the door of your apartment with the phone - Becheckin projectTourism and events - Becheckin projectOnboarding - Becheckin project

Visual Design

Some screens - Becheckin project
Becheckin project
Host using the phone - Becheckin project

Final Thoughts

In 2019, as a Junior UX/UI designer I made 2 apps almost at the same time for the same company.
At that time I thought the result of the app was very good. The users understood the functionality of the app, there was hardly any negative feedback about the UX/UI, and it was more about other aspects.
If you ask me now what I think of the final result of that app, I think there are several aspects at the UI level that could be polished, and of course, the UX.