Dove Arline
UX - 2023 May/October  /UI - 2023 November/WIP

Dove Airline is a flight booking application

My Role:
User Experience designer
User interface designer
Brand designer
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wing of an aircraft
This is a UX/UI case study for a mobile flight booking app. This was part of my training in user experience and user interface design at Glasgow Caledonian University and the Dublin Institute. The case study includes the entire UX process.The process started with market and competitor research, analysis and a final prototype.

The challenge, as a user who has travelled, fortunately, quite frequently. I could see that there are quite a few airline apps where the user experience could be improved. My challenge in this project was mainly 2:
- To keep training myself as a designer and learn those aspects where I was lacking.

- To create a flight booking service where the user didn't have to think about what each element was for, that had a simple and easy interface where the only concern of the user was where he/she wanted to go.
As a solution, I would propose as a start, to create a flight booking app with easy access to information and a simple flow. For them we did a UX Resarch by stages, interviews with real users, affinity diagram, Flow diagram, journey map, and a prototype.
The UI that can be seen in this case study is temporary as it is in process and may change.
1 creative onboarded
Airline App, threes different screens. first with the logo. Second with logo and login buttons. Third with booking screen
product process
During the first 6 months I was working hard on the project and today I am proud to present you the results of the user experience research. Later the project will be updated with the interface design, which is still in process.
product stages
3 screens of the Dove Airline app, inclined
product stages
product stages
app map
App map for the all screens
sketch of some screens
onboarding screens
colours used in the app
booking flight
Creating a
Booking Experience
man inside a plane looking in his bag, search screen app
booking screen process
Decorative visual screen with all screen app