2 person in the kitchen with a air purifier and roomba, also mobile app


Overall, the project was divided into the following phases: Integrationists of the new product into the existing app, platform and cloud specific configurations, widgets with cross-product capabilities, API integrations via Dio, state management and clean architecture, smart contract integrations.

About iRobot

Founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists with the vision of making practical robots a reality. iRobot inspired the first Micro Rovers used by NASA, changing space travel forever, deployed the first ground robots used by U.S. Forces in conflict, brought the first self-navigating FDA-approved remote presence robots to hospitals and introduced the first practical home robot with Roomba, forging a path for an entirely new category in home cleaning.

Following iRobot's acquisition of Aeris Health in November 2021, iRobot is adding new home products to its portfolio.
App image about air purifier application
Project process
The project was planned to be launched 4 months after the acquisition, but was moved to almost 16 months to add all the changes and new features to the product. The team has worked hard on the project to bring the project forward with exceptional quality despite the inconveniences encountered along the way.
four color boxes with information about the total hours worked, new features added, team members onboarded and tasks closes
four color boxes with information about the total hours worked, new features added, team members onboarded and tasks closes screenshots with the air purifier app
Some screenshot taken from the air purifier app
Some screenshot taken from the air purifier app
A Roomba cleaning the kitchen while at the air purifier clean the air
Explaining the process how the Roomba and the air purifier clean together
Some screenshot taken from the air purifier app
Mobile page - Inturea project
elements explaining the pollution in the app
Booking app showing an example how looks the screen with a destination selected
The redesign of the website was done in the background and quickly in order to focus on the main project: the app.

This was because the main function of the website redesign was to inform the current users of the purifiers, those who knew and had bought the Aeris Health or Aeris Cleantec brand, that this brand had been acquired by the Roombas' company, iRobot. Also, it should be noted that this domain would be redirected to the main website once the new iRobot branded air purifiers had been released and the app had been launched.

So the redesign was based on adapting the current website of the purifiers with a visual similar to that of the home cleaning robots.

The project was carried out in almost 3 months and it had to be taken into account that it was going to be developed from scratch, as the Aeris website was made with Wordpress and the new one had to follow the same guidelines as the main website.
Opportunity to work with the UI and visual design team to create sketches and final artwork for the app. Some of my work involved creating isometric illustrations to be used in the onboarding and other screens to help describe the content. This included creating people, animals, plants and furniture. I also helped to create 3D environment scenes.
Check Project in Figma
Roomba space in a room
Decoration house and a roomba
Schedule your roomba
Roomba charging
Decoration house and a roomba
Mobile page - Inturea project
Results and impact:
We saw a 20% increase in the conversion rate, we also found that a high number of users who had both Roomba and purifier products used the new features where they could manage both products to get the most out of their home cleaning project. In addition, the significant changes to some of the features and screens in the app led to a decrease in the number of questions about how the platform worked, especially the onboarding, which initially seemed unclear to users.

Key challenges and lessons learned:
It was my first time working on such a large team and project with such a short deadline. Although I was initially very nervous about the change and adapting to the new company, I soon learned to trust my colleagues. I also learned that active communication and short daily meetings were essential to ensure the success of the project. In addition, I was able to actively participate in both the UX and UI teams and contribute new ideas, which from a personal point of view made me feel valued and part of the team.