The Hub.Travel is a website and e-learning platform where tourists companies can learn about marketing.
Collaboration with Surf the web, a company dedicated to the development of websites and customised Apps for hotels and resorts.

Project Goals

1. Create an e-learning platform for tourists company

The goal is to create the first e-learning platform where tourist companies can learn about marketing focused on them.

2. Design a responsive platform

One of our tasks is to create a responsive web application design to ensure a fast loading and smooth experience on all devices.

3. Customised courses

Customised courses are given by specialists in tourism marketing.

4. Build a functional admin and user panel

Our goal was to create a functional and easy-to-use administration and user panel that would allow content management for each type of role.

and Design

Redesign a minimalist one page, using the corporate colors and shapes, and making it dynamic.
Logo - TheHub.Travel Project
Our first task was to give the website and platform a makeover.
Decorative - TheHub.Travel Project
The style of the decorative elements went through several phases.
Online Store - TheHub.Travel Project
Naming - TheHub.Travel Project
We have fixed and cleaned up the style.
Marketing - TheHub.Travel Project
A hotel with a big garden and a swimming pool

Design Personas

a man with grey hair and glasses
Manuel Rodriguez
Married, 2 children
General Manager, 56 y.o
Valencia, Spain
Manuel has been working as General Manager at the IberoStar Hotel in Valencia for 6 years.
His hotel used to have a 75% annual booking rate in off-peak months, in summer it used to be 100%, but after the pandemic bookings dropped alarmingly. Manuel and his team are looking for courses that will allow them to learn new marketing strategies to be able to act when the restrictions disappear and tourists start coming back to Valencia.
Needs and Goals
  • Learn new marketing strategies in the wake of the pandemic.
  • Specialised courses with experienced teachers.
  • Social media strategy for hotels.
  • Step by step redefines the IberoStar audience after the pandemic.
  • Study at any time of the day and place.
Pain Points
  • The courses found are very general and don’t have the content I am looking for.
  • Popular course market places as Coursera doesn’t offer any region specific coourses.
  • Most of the local online courses platforms don’t offer any social or peer-to-peer interaction.
a women with curly dark hair and glasses smiling
Maria Perez
Single, a daughter and a dog.
Boss, 32 y.o
Sevilla, Spain
Maria Perez and her friend Alicia Jimenez, are the bosses of Amigos Hostel. Both entrepreneurs decided to build their first hostel in Seville after having been working for 10 and 8 years respectively in London. A year after the opening of Amigos Hostel, the pandemic hit and they had to close temporarily until tourism returned. In the meantime, they are looking to learn from this situation to get back to work and look for new guests and travellers who want to book in their hostel.
Needs and Goals
  • Create experiences for our clients through the knowledge acquired in the courses and through professionals.
  • Specialised courses with experienced teachers.
  • Social media strategy for hostels or tourist flats.
  • Study at any time of the day and place.
Pain Points
  • Offline courses aren’t flexible in terms of schedule and require time to travel on public transport in a pandemic, not secure.
  • Can’t find any decent quality Touristic Marketing courses online.
  • Really hard to understand where to begin the tutorials and most of them are in other languages, not mine.

How we start

Considering the scope of this project I decided not to create a separate step for testing and used Design Thinking Framework as a starting point and remixed it a bit. In the end, I divided my design process into 4 major steps.
Step 1. Discover
#Briefing . #Roadmap . #UxPlan . #DeskResearch
Step 2. Define
#DesignPersonas . #Surveys
Step 3. Idea
#Prioritization . #UserFlow . #SiteMap
Step 4. Prototype
#Wireframe . #PrototypeTesting . #Interaction

Sketches & Wireframe

More than 18 screens were created using sketches and, subsequently, wireframes to represent the website and e-learning platform templates, the flow between screens and their functionalities.
Sketches & Wireframe - TheHub.Travel Project

Visual Design

Website pages - TheHub.Travel Project
Menu - TheHub.Travel ProjectMobile screen - Courses - TheHub.Travel Project
e-Learning platform  - TheHub.Travel Project
e-Learning platform screens  - TheHub.Travel Project


It was an exciting project that taught me the necessary steps to create an online learning platform.

After years of working with Wordpress, this project gave me the opportunity to focus more on modifying the LMS and working with all the backend files to modify the theme, creating a custom theme with all the features the company needed.

Unfortunately, this project was cancelled near the end because the support the client was supposed to receive from the government never came. It would have been an important platform in the marketing sector as it was innovative and focused only on tourism companies, so the content would have been exclusive and unique for its users.